Our Adoption Journey 
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We are the Langley's Inc ... Tim, Michelle, Sergei, Nikolai, Alexandra, Kos, Blanca, and Sasha and we are an adopted family.  This site is dedicated to sharing our experiences with our family, friends and those considering adoption.  Adoption has been a wonderful experience for us and we hope it will be also for many others.  

Our story starts in August 2000, Tim and I made a decision to start pursuing adoption.  This would be after Tim realized that in June 2001 he would be the BIG 40 ... reality bites.  So, we talked to mutliple agencies, people adopting from agencies and many, many others.  No stone was to be left unturned.  In our pursuit of information we found World Partners Adoption Agency.  They were wonderful and everyone had great things to say about their experiences.  So in talking to World Partners we also saw the picture of a beautiful baby boy ... Yuri ... and somehow I just knew he was our son.  No video, no medical we just knew ... but there was a snag ... we needed to have been married for at least 2 years and we were not married.  We had been together for 2 years but were not married.  So I called WPA and figured there would be no way but that is not what we heard.  Cindy said we will look into for you.  So on October 14, 2000, Cindy called us and said we had approval.  Well that is all we needed ... we called our families to tell them the wonderful news.  We were getting married on October 20, 2000 by the Justice of the Peace in McKinney, Texas. 

On October 20, 2000 at 10 am we got married and then in the essence of time had our homestudy started in the afternoon, had crime checks run, filed our INS and sent our referral acceptance and contract to WPA.  A wedding day to remember.

Then we were on our way working through all the paperwork to bring Nikolai (was Yuri) home.  But we had the lingering question ... we have always wanted at least two children.  So came Alexandra, the apple of her Daddy's eye.  Just as I knew about Nikolai, Tim knew with Alexandra ... I say that since we went forward medical and video aside even based on doctors concerns.  We left to meet our babies in Uralsk, Kazakstan on January 22, 2001; officially adopted them on my birthday February 6, 2001 and came home on February 13, 2001.  See Niko and Alex's page for their story.

Six months after we were back we were checking the website to see if a beautiful little boy we meet in Uralsk had found his "Forever Family".  Once you meet all the children you always want to know what is happening for them and you are praying each day that there "forever family" will come along.   In that check we came across a picture of this beautiful little blonde haired boy with a gorgeous smile.  I always wanted three children but Tim on the other hand originally was at one then made the leap to two but how would the topic of three be.  After watching Sergei for 2 months with no family Tim said okay call and get his medical and video.  Which of course I did.  Similar to Alexandra, Sergei's medical was concerning but he was so charming on his video Tim and I agreed he was meant to be part of our "forever family" and our blessing in disguise.  See Sergei's page for his story. 

Then one day we get a call from Cindy at World Partners Adoption and she ask are you sitting down.  Well no but I can.  Well she says you will not believe this but Nikolai has a baby brother ... deep breath ... and another.  So came our Baby Sasha ... our unexpected but blessed "pregnancy."  So in February 2003 we left to bring home our Baby Sasha.  Sasha was offically adopted on March 14, 2003 and became a US Citizen on March 22, 2003
We have documented our story and adventures during each day of our trip.  So please visit Sasha's Story page for his story.  

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