Sasha's Story
Alexander "Sasha" Andrew Langley
May 31, 2001

Named for his Great Great Grandfather, Andrew Mills

Nickname: Baby Sasha
Meet the newest to-be-member of the family, Sasha.  Tim and I are in the process of meeting this cutie.  We are currently in Almaty, Kazakstan leaving tomorrow for Uralsk.  We will be updating links off this page each day with new pics of Baby Sasha and all around us.  Please join us on our journey ....

Meanwhile on the homefront Nana is managing the three little ones which can be quite a challenge with three days of ice and nowhere to go.  Hurray for all the Nana's around the world and the supporting G-Daddy's at home.  We could not have made this possible without them.

Our Journey so far...

Monday, February 25
Nana arrived on Monday, February 25.  I rushed to the airport to meet her at 3 pm and to my surprise on the way it started sleeting ... now the weather said not until 6 pm but as usual they were off.  Picked Nana up and we were off or at least we thought we were ... 4 hours later we finally arrived home.  Now just as a litmus test on a good day it takes 45 minutes to get home from the airport.  What a trip but when we arrive it was all squeals of Nana, Nana, Nana. 
Then it was bath all around, stories and what was supposed to be bedtime.  NOT.  

In midst of all this I realized we forgot to have a document notarized (Susan do not read this part).  So now at 8 pm in a sleet storm to find a notary ... will thanks to Bec and Call (great service in Dallas) we did.  At 8:30 pm the night before we are leaving in 3 inches of sleet we set off for there office.  By the way, of those asleep children two are awake but no problem Nana will get them back to bed.  We got there no problems ... Tim is an excellent driver ... got our document notarized and headed home.  We arrived back at 9:45 pm to be greeted with squeals ... I thought they might be asleep.  So off Tim takes them to sleep in the big bed ... that would be our bed ... anything at this point to get them to bed.  Then on to packing and finishing up on some work items. 

Tuesday, February 26
Everyone was up earlier and Daddy made omletes and hash browns for all.  The question of the day was will our passports with Kaz visa arrive and will be plane take-off.  Will at 7 am it was still questionable on the visas as the FedEx site showed eevrything still in Memphis but at 8 am FedEx confirmed they were in Dallas.  YEAH!!!!  Now to finish packing, spend time with the babies, and wait for the car service.  

The car service was prompt, stopped to pick-up our visas and got us to the airport with time to spare.  We checked in through the long long long process and finally ... one hour later ... arrived at the gate to being our 24 hours of travel.  We traveled and traveled and somewhere in there Wednesday occured but across all those timezones I lost track.  Now to top off the journey I was sick the whole trip with a fever that would not break but thanks to wonderful drugs I am finally doing better but hence the reason for no pictures since I am the picture taker in the household. So not to 

Thursday, February 27
We have spent a relaxing day in Almaty in preparation for leaving tomorrow to see Baby Sasha  ... and YES we will be taking pictures.