Sasha's Story
March 12, 2003

Ring Around the Daddy ... or is it Elephent ... or Baby Sasha
2 Days to Court and counting.  Today we had preliminary court to review our application.  Outcome is we have a court date set for Friday. 
Project Never Forget

Before we review our day in Uralsk and with Sasha, we wanted to share some information that we received today from Mona Douglass-Kita who manages Humanitarian Aid for World Partners Adoption Agency (our agency).  The information was a reminder about Project Never Forget.  Project Never Forget provides ongoing assistance to the children waiting for a family and those who are not eligible for adoption in order to give them a better life.  

This year Project Never Forget is focusing on Uralsk.  A group will be coming to Uralsk to build playgrounds (which they either do not have or are in an unusable shape), repair the houses, and provide supplies.  As you can see in the pictures we have been posting there is a lot of work to be done and even the smallest donations can make a huge difference.  Tim and I try not cry ever time we take Sasha back to his room as all the other little ones gather around to say Hi and give us hugs.  We wish we could bring them all back and we know from talking with the caregivers that some will never have the opportunity to have a life outside the Baby and Children's Houses.  We were speechless when we asked what they needed for Sasha's room so we could leave something for the other children ... all Vivian wanted was books, children's story tapes, crayons, and one doll for lessons.  When we asked the Baby House Niko and Alexandra were adopted from what we could give, all they really really needed was shampoo.  It is an expensive item for them but a necessity.  We wish we could come back to assist with the project in Uralsk but instead we will help out by providing needed supplies and money.  To make it all happen NFF has to raise $30K this year.  

For anyone interested Mona is looking for supplies from coats, boots, clothes, baby shampoo, diapers, medical equipment, children and baby over the counter drugs.  Please contact her at  Also, for those wanting to give at any time WPA excepts ON-LINE donations via Mastercard or Visa (link ).  All donations are 100% tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes towards the children, no operating expense are ever taken from the contributions  received. 

World Partners Adoption, Inc is a 501-C-3 Non Profit Organization.
Today was a strange day because we had preliminary court.  We visited Sasha this morning an hour early and for only 45 minutes.  It seemed to throw his schedule somewhat off.  Then we hurried to the apartment to change clothes and be at court by 10:30 for our appointment.  The court building is under construction and therefore dusty and noisy.  We ended up in it looked like a newly finished room with the Judge, his assistant, the Baby House Director, the Ministry of Education Rep, the Records Rep, Olga, Asia and us.  Preliminary court is for the judge to review the application, ask any questions, review the information from the others present and set your court date.  It lasted a very short time and we have a court time for Friday.  Court on Friday will be different and this is where the decision is made if we will be allowed to adopt Sasha.  Even though we have done this twice before it is still very nerve racking.

After court to burn off some energy we went for a long walk.  We walked from our apartment to the Golden Cathedral, then to the shops at the Weekend and finally back for soup and a salad at Camelot.  It was very nice to be out in the fresh air just wandering around.  After lunch we strolled back to the apartment and did some leisurely window shopping.  We were picked up early this afternoon so we could go to tbe military store.  We have been trying to find something unique for the children from Kazakstan as a keepstake and thanks to info from the Cowhey's we learned of military hats.  We bought four ... two military and two police hats.  They are very nice and now I just have to figure out how to pack them for the trip home.  

Then to see Sasha and because the day was off he had a "tude".  It only lasted a little while and then we were back to play, play, play ... our new game today was ring the Daddy, ring the elephant and ring the Baby Sahsa.  He is so adorable.  We cannot believe that in 2 days our 2 weeks is already up.  It seems like only yesterday we arrived in Uralsk.  Now I am sure Nana and the little ones at home might differ with that opinion.
Do note that Tim and Masha are sporting new haircuts.  Tim got his cut last night (before court) by Igor's person Elena.  She did a great job and it only cost $2.
Here is my Elephant holding the rings ... now ring the Baby Sasha and ring the Daddy
Okay just a few more to go .. Daddy you need a longer neck where I am going to put the next two
Now give them back and let's ring the elephant.  Daddy make them so down ...
Okay, let's start again ... ring the Baby Sasha ... hi Noah want to PLAY!!!
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