4 Days to Court and counting.  Tomorrow we will be practicing for preliminary court (Wednesday) in preparation of real court (Friday).
Sasha's Story
March 10, 2003

Official Women's Day Holiday ... 

Tim's comment "When is this holiday over ... it's been three days now".  He did however take me out twice today.
The wall on outside Sasha's room and the door to Sasha's room.  There are wonderful and fun drawings all over the Baby House
We start with our snack.  Animal Crackers today ...  
then we play ...
attack Trollie ...
harass Asia as she studies...
and finally convince Daddy to pull me on the car ... what a tough life!!!
Sasha "Knevil" ... Standing Car Trick
Riding on the car with Daddy has been fun but that's old hat now ... let's try standing on the car.  They will not let me hurt myself ... will they???
Allright ... it is not as easy as it looks ... give me a minute here ... now where should I put that foot and what about the hands ... HELP!!
TA DA ... I DID IT!!!
with a little help that is!!
Foot Up ... Butt Up ... 
Stand Up ... this isn't that bad
Around Urlask ...
Lunch at the Chinese restaurant ... very good food  

We had cucumber salad, sliced beef, peanut chicken, sweet and sour shrimp, fired pork and rice.  The menu is in Russian but it has pictures of all the dishes.  For future travelers would recommend against the soup.
Dinner at Camelot

They have a menu in English and also very good food.  The Far Dainty salad (crab, corn and rice) is great.  The Vegetable soup is a creamy potatoe soup and very good.  The Wonder Loaf is a steak wrapped around breaded pickles & onions.  Pork dishes are a little on the done side but it varies visit to visit. 
Children's Orphanage Visit
Today we visited the Children's Orphanage.  It is the home to children between the ages of 7 and 18.  It is located outside of town by the Oral river.  The property is extensive and it is a self contained community. The first three pictures are the main buildings which include administration, classes and some rooms.  The last picture is pictures painted by the children ... they line the entryway.  

Our primary reason for going was to take gifts to the children.  We visited with the Chief Teacher/Deputy Director.  When we arrived most of the children were still in class so we visited with only a few children.  They were very sweet and well mannered.  The DD told us that the property was beautiful in the summer and the children had a great time.  They have also built an outdoor theatre.  

In Uralsk, Olga explained that the system is children from birth to 4 months old are at the hopital, then from 4 months to 4 years they live in one of the two baby houses, at 4 years they live in the preschool house until they are 7 years at which time they move to the children's house.  It is very rare for children to be adopted from the children's house.  Forty-one of the children have sponsors.  These are families who establish a relationship with the child through letters.  The sponsors also provide $25 per month which goes into a bank account for the child when he/she leaves the children's house.  For more information visit the World Partners Adoption website.

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We are saving the entries for our children's baby books.
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