Sasha's Story
March 5, 2003

Well today is another day in the life and tales of Sasha ... today is a very very quite day since the main focus for Olga, coordinator, and the others is to get the Cowhey's and McCaa's on the airplane and off to Almaty where they will spend 8 days before flying home to the good ol' US of A.  Therefore, the pace is very slow.

This morning we visited for the normal time of 1 hour.  When we got to Sash'a room be ran to greet us at the door and gave us big hugs all around.  He was so happy and excited ... then off to play, play and play ... you know I am not sure what will happen when he realizes there are three others at home and we have to do more then play ... but who cares that is a long way away.  We had a fabulous morning playing, eating our goldfish and drinking our juice.  We found out that he is a climber.  In order to reach the little piano that Daddy put up he climbed right up on a chair and proceeded to bang on the keys and debated pulling it down.  Then later in the morning he took off his shoes which he will never let us touch and just ran around the room.  At times he seemed curious about Noah and who he was and what he was doing.  When our time was up we took him back to his room, all the children waved and when we put him down he started crying.  His Kaz Mama came over picked him up and told him we would be back ... it broke my heart.
During our break we checked out the Big Market ... we were in need of a truck and blocks for Sasha, glasses for our apartment and water.  Well, the blocks were easy and after quite a bit of sign language a purchase was made.  Next came the glasses ... now this women knew sign language and the total sale was lickty split.  Well, then feeling brave we ventured off to another toy store to look for the rocking babushka dolls ... well not very successfully even though I repeated mutliple times ... rocking babushka red ... as Tim informed me .... Honey (Southern drawl for effect) just cause you say it with a russian word, a russian accent and 5 times does not mean she will understand you ... thank you's all around and off to the grocery.  We will be going back with Masha in tow.  After some quick shopping it was back to relax at the apt and wait for our final visit.  We are hoping to get some pictures this afternoon of his caregivers.
We had a great afternoon visit.  He was his usual charming self.  When we got to his room we asked to take a picture and the main caregiver, Viv, lined all the children up on the sofa.  Sasha had already hugged and was ready to go ... therefore not very excited about taking a picture ... his frowny face makes this very clear.  The picture is great though and I hope there are waiting families out there that can see their children.  

Next we went to the music room and, of course, Sasha started the visit by eating his goldfish and having his juice.  Next came the truck ... his brand new truck that had blocks ... oh what fun.  Then Tim pulled down the little cars and it was laughs and giggles as he pulled, we pulled, he pushed and we pushed.  Our time ended all too soon and back to the great caregivers Sash went.  We miss you sweet little boy.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day as we have a lot on the agenda.  We will see how much we accomplish and let you know of all our travels.
Noah's Pics for the Day